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Abominable abdomen

Lots of pain yesterday.  I cut the opioids back asap because I am worried about constipation.  The pain may force my hand, but I'm trying to hold out on lesser meds.  The lower part of my tummy feels just fine; you would never know two lymph nodes were removed, although I do have mild numbness over the tops of my thighs, which is unpleasant and I hope goes away.  My upper right quadrant feels OK, too, but the upper left, not so much.  Apparently, that was where all the parts came out, and that's where Dr. R removed the last pieces of my peritoneal lining.  Its very sore, with a tight pinch by my stomach.  I can feel all the food moving around in my tummy and transverse colon -- no fun.   I think the surgeons gave me a super tight tummy tuck as an added bonus!  I hope I can come to terms with my new body and I hope it's a body I want to continue living in.  Despite the discomfort, I enjoyed visiting; thank you to everyone who stopped by this weekend.  Especially grateful for my parents who flew in from Colorado to help.  

Mr. Cooper was desperate to snuggle and was so frustrated I kept deflecting him off my tummy, but we came to a compromise.   I might not post much until we get the genetic testing back and there is some real info to convey.  I look forward to feeling better and having friends visits. I need frequent, but short walks, so email if you're in the 'hood and well take a spin.  

hugs, MK  


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