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If I die of this disease, don't say I died of cancer, I died from the suppression of science.....

I know I am making bold claims, claims that despite robust pre-clinical science, and numerous anecdotal cases the world does not seem ready to hear.  In moments like these, I vacillate between feeling like a genius and feeling crazy.  But I know I am just ahead of my time.  So today I let the peer-reviewed science speak for itself......  

Why do I have to fight for access and information about a plant that is saving my life?  Why do I have to sue for science?  Why is the stigma and vilification of this plant so intense?  The data is clear, the Endocannabinoid system is a novel target for cancer.  I shrank my terminal cancer on Cannabis alone, just like hundreds of others.  This should be an option for every cancer patient.  Every cancer research lab in the world that wants to investigate and find cures should be encouraged, not .  Why are we blocking life saving research, his is madness!  

If I die of this disease, I do not want anyone to say I died of cancer.  I died from the suppression of science. I died from ignoring the wisdom of our elders, from the greed of for-profit big-pharma, from Anslinger's political corruption, from Nixon's racist suppression. How many people have died or suffered needlessly since Cannabis, against the advice of the American Medical Association, was removed from the pharmacopoeia in 1937? How many people have suffered since the first NORML legal challenge against the Controlled Substances act in 1972? 1972, The year I was born! DoJ, DEA, NIDA, and FDA, you are on the wrong side of history and eventually everyone will know it.

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