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Schedule 1: Unlocking the anti tumor properties of Cannabis A documentary short

Thanks to a second dose of anti-nausea meds and IV fluids yesterday, I survived Tuesday’s chemo.  I had intense nausea for 3 days but minimal urping, so an improvement.   And the best news, my CA 125 fell to 6.  Data suggests cannabis given after chemo helps the chemo work more effectively.  The tumor is still platinum-sensitive, which gives me hope for remission.  Enough of medical details because I have more interesting things to BIG NEWS! 

I hired a filmmaker and I am producing a 15 minute documentary short about the effect cannabis has had on my tumor and the science of why it works.  There are many cannabis documentaries out there, and lots of testimonials on Youtube, but few take a focused data-driven look at the science of how cannabis affects cancer.  After watching many of these films it is still too easily dismiss as hocus pocus.  I know I can make a better more compelling film, beautiful, heartfelt, yet scientifically accurate.  We have been filming since surgery and plan to end filming and wrap up editing in late fall.  We will take the film on the festival circuit.   It will also on Youtube and available for download.  I hope the shorter format will reach a broader audience, including busy doctors and researchers.   


Life feels surreal.  I have a cancer diagnosis that traditional medicine currently cannot cure.  The latest pre-clinical research shows various compounds in cannabis kill many types of tumors.  During my remission, I did experiments on myself and it worked!  I had a 50% reduction in my tumor marker after 5 weeks of high THC drops.  That's all great, except that cannabis is federally illegal.  I need data—how can I develop a cannabis regimen that gives me the longest remission or even a cure?   Which of the 450 compounds are actually doing the tumor killing work?  Do I need to take it forever, do I risk recurrence if I stop?  Will the tumor habituate to the cannabis, like cells can with chemo, becoming immune?  Can cannabis kill the elusive cancer stem cells?  We don't have any answers because cannabis has been locked away from researchers for 80 years. Somehow I hope this film can make up for that lost time, and connect me with research that saves my life.  I remain hopeful, but science is a slow and tedious business and my time is short.  Even if trials were started today the data will likely not come in time for me.  Yet, I still feel empowered to shine the light of science on cannabinoids.  We need research now!  

Ways you can support this film and campaign.

1.  Visit the movie's web page. That helps it get indexed and found in Google.  Read, watch and learn from the resources I have gathered.   (The webpage is still under construction, finishing it as fast as I can figure out WIX) 

2. Forward to friends; share on social media.   Let's make this viral!  

3. If you have a blog or webpage, consider linking to the movie webpage.  That helps google.  

4. I have cashed out my IRA to get this film started, and am committed to making this happen.  But with your help we will reach the largest audience possible.  Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign coming in September.  

hugs to all, MK  

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