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Cannabis and ovarian cancer: continuing Michelle Kendall’s legacy (plus a podcast!)

A new article about Michelle and our research has been published in Cannabis Health News. It's a well written summary by Sarah Sinclair, based on an interview she did with Hinanit and me. A great piece to share with folks who are unfamiliar with the story!

I've also been remiss in sharing a podcast that Hinanit and I recorded with Mary Biles back in December. Mary interviewed Michelle in 2020 (you may have heard the podcast), and they got to be (virtual) friends.

A new article about Michelle's story and our research has been published in hed in ed in d in in in n project that we recorded in September 2021. If you haven't listened to her voice in the past year and a half's story, prepare yourself emotionally. Hearing her still knocks me for a loop.

Bruce and Michelle flying the Cancer Warrior flag on Santa Cruz Island, California

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Maria C
Feb 06, 2023

wonderful article Bruce. a lasting legacy. I'm glad it is getting some publicity, and I hope it makes a difference for those who are still battling this disease.


Feb 06, 2023

Great article! I will share with others. The results are so promising. Michelle and you are making a difference. Sorry it’s hard too. I really miss her.

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