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Watch: Hinanit talks about cannabis & ovarian cancer

Last month I went to CannMed 23, a conference about all aspects of medical cannabis production, research, and therapeutic use. Hinanit and Nurit also attended, and Hinanit gave a talk about our work. It tells much the same story as the scientific paper published last fall (with perhaps a few new things), but she explains the story much more straightforwardly and accessibly.

The recordings of the talks from the conference have just been released. Here is Hinanit's talk:

I hope you find it interesting! If you have any questions about the presentation, pot them in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

I'll write more about the conference in a subsequent post.

Some housekeeping: As it's been a while since I posted (mea culpa!), I wanted to remind you to click through to the website if you want to read the post (even if the preview in the email seems to contain all of it!). If you don't click through from the email notifications of new posts then the website software will "eventually" (no, I don't know how many you have to miss, it's a secret algorithm) mark you as inactive and stop sending you notifications of new posts 😵‍💫

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