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2nd Rebirthday celebrated with clear PET scan results and re-remission

It has been an emotionally exhausting week.  March 3rd was my second "re-birthday," the anniversary of my surgery at Churchill Hospital.  Looking back feels like peering through a distorted fun house mirror: how did this become my life?!  There was little relief looking forward, either.  Our house had a nervous heaviness as we anticipating my post-chemo PET scan results.  The great news -- there is "no evidence of disease," which is obviously a huge relief.  The tumors were still very sensitive to the Carbo/Taxol, I am back in remission.  But of course we have been here before (August 2016) and ovarian tends to reoccur.  If only remission came with a lifetime guarantee!  

But for now I am trying to believe in miracles.  I CAN be that lucky patient who gets cured after the 2nd series of chemo!  So instead of looking back or looking forward we will do our best to stay in this moment and enjoy today.  We are living large.  Bruce is taking spring quarter at 50% time.  We are headed to Oxford; Japan; Eastern Europe; and NW Australia.  All this over the next 5 months, in 3 week surges, between my maintenance Avastin infusions.  I feel lucky I can check off my bucket list while still being tethered to my IV pole on the 3rd floor of CC.

My wallet has my current motivation and motto:   Old and Broke!    TTFN,  MK  


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