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A week in Bardo......

We spent the past four days sheltering from the Thomas Fire flames and smoke at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara on the Gaviota coast.  Don't be too jealous: the air was so poor we were rarely outside, but were very grateful for the stay and thanks to Bacara for the hefty "evacuee discount" rate.  The good news -- Cooper is an amazing traveller.  We came back into town yesterday (Dec 12th) for my pre-chemo blood work. 

In an hour I am off to CC for my round 3 (or 9 depending on how I'm counting) of chemo.  It certainly feels like the world is ending -- not just my life, but everything!  It was a surreal experience to leave the house, emotionless, taking only our wedding album and important papers.  To Our Oxford friends who have been asking, our house is just over a mile from the mandatory evacuation zone and not in any real danger.  But the air quality is horrible.  Last Thursday it topped 400 on the AQI, off the charts!  off I go to CC and after chemo we hope to leave town to find more healthful air for a few days.  

Hugs to all and a huge thank you to the 7,000+ firefighters who worked so hard to save life and property.  

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