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An Incurable cancer, an illicit drug and one unsinkable woman's quest to live

Incurable cancer, an illicit drug and one unsinkable woman's quest to live.  Help us bring my story to the world.  Every donation, no matter how small, gets us closer to a world where Cannabis is acknowledged as real medicine.  

An update is long overdue.....  I was scheduled for my final chemo session Tuesday, Nov. 5th but my white blood cells and neutrophils protested.   After 17 Chemo infusions, my body was worn out!  We tried again a week later, still no go, I needed more time to recover.  Finally, on Nov. 19th I could finish my treatments.  The nausea was terrible, my stomach was like a cauldron of hot acid churning and bubbling away.  I hope my GI tract recovers.   

I was referred to Cedars Sini, where I meet a new oncologist to discuss trials that might be a good fit for my tumor.  Despite the fact that the main mutation driving my cancer, P53, is the most common mutation and ubiquitous in over half of all cancers, there is not a good trial for me.  Going forward one maintenance treatment option is Niraparib, a PARB inhibitor.  But Nirparib only offers a few extra months of disease-free progression  (longer for BRCA+ tumors) so it's not a very hopeful option.  That's the best medicine can offer me, a few extra months.  If there was a clear path to cure I would do it, but there isn't.  So I am tempted to refuse these options and go all-in with Cannabis, because I know it can shrink my tumors.  

During my last remission, my tumor started growing just 4 months after chemo ended.   By late spring 2020 I should get a hint that my maintenance Cannabis regime is keeping Porlock knocked back.   During my 3-week experiment being totally off Cannabis my marker shot up 8 points, the tumors grew very fast.  Not to be overly melodramatic, but I am nearing the end of the line.   Either I cure/manage my cancer with an illegal drug or, dam it's hard to write this.  Or 2020 is likely the beginning of the end.  Convention oncology, without Cannabis in the equation, gives me 18 months.  If Cannabis doesn't work my time is short.  But I cultivate hope by pouring my energy into the science and the film.   

So, on to a film update... We missed the SBIFF deadline.  Micheal and I were both disappointed.  Editing an unscripted and rapidly shifting documentary has been tricky and very time-consuming.  We, mostly Michael, are still quietly working hard to bring my story to the world.       


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