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Cancer does not stop for Corona

Advocating for cannabinoid-based oncology research should not stop either. With the film festival circuit shut down for the foreseeable future, I reluctantly decided my best option is releasing Schedule 1 on YouTube. I know the medical community and the world are overwhelmed struggling with a pandemic. Will anyone will hear my story in such a chaotic time? What I want most is to save my life, but right after that is creating hope, for myself and others. Every person who watches my movie gives me hope. Every person who shares my movie give me hope. Every person who is open to shattering stigma gives me hope. Everyone who will stand up and demand the DEA stop blocking science gives me hope. In these uncertain times I hope MY story gives YOU hope.

I shrank my incurable ovarian cancer (HGSC BRCA1/2-, P53+) with Cannabis, just like the pre-clinical data suggested. We, medical patients of all kinds, demand the near-global prohibition on Cannabis research so Science can untangle this miraculous plant.


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