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Chemo Eve

Chemo # 4 came and went in betwixt the chaos of three separate evacuations: fire/ash, rain, and flood.  Tonight is the eve of chemo # 5 (or 11 depending on how I am counting.)  I am marshaling my strength for the last two months.  We watched "The Darkest Hour" tonight and I was reminded that much bigger battles, with equally terrible odds, have been won.  Churchill’s words will rattle in my dreams tonight.... “It is the courage to continue that counts.”  I will keep fighting!!  

In case you missed it, I was "patient of the month" in January at Organic Soup Kitchen and I had a profile on their website.  This week's soup is roasted carrot, yummy.

Hugs to you all, MK 

PS from the Chemo chair.   My bloodwork was great, CA 125 is down to 5, which means the tumors are responding very well to the chemo.  There is no reason to believe I will have a remission shorter than one year, but I try to find hope of killing this cancer for good.  I was given the go ahead to book some trips and I am looking forward to feeling better and having some fun.  

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