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Death of Porlock, ACT III

I just finished my pre-op appointment, getting my vitals scrutinized and the details to prepare for surgery.  Most interestingly, I got my latest CA results.  My marker fell another 4 points, to 18!  After 7 weeks of taking high dose cannabis formulated to kill cancer, my marker decreased by almost 50%.  Sometimes the crazy conspiracy corners of the internet are true.  

It's possible the cannabis is somehow interfering with the CA test, but I think that is unlikely, so my hopes are buoyed.  We will know soon enough.  The surgeons and pathologist should see evidence of cell death, called apoptosis. I hope they document the apoptosis.  We need more proof, more data, that for some tumors cannabis has powerful antineoplastic (anti-tumor) properties.  

Surgery is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.  The OR is booked for 5 hours with an hour or two in recovery.  Bruce will be posting news that I made it through surgery in late afternoon or early evening.  

Thank you for all the love and support; I appreciate and need it.  But a reminder that this is major surgery.  To illustrate, last time I was in hospital for 9 days.  I couldn't wash my own hair for 3 weeks because I couldn't lift my arm above my head.  I couldn't manage, oh, how to say this politely, "bathroom sanitary operations" for two weeks.  When the abdomen is assaulted with 12 inch incisions and 54 staples it's hard to move.  I will be sleeping lots, and at all hours.  So, please limit calls and texts to really, really important issues.  Emails are great.  Posting on the blog is even better.  Bruce will post info about visiting and how to be helpful as I recover.  

Hugs to all,


P.S. I just noticed an error on my chart.  I promise to update and correct as I can.  But the gist of it is correct.  

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