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Good Trouble

I dedicate this blog post to Sean, who lost his heroic fight with colorectal cancer this month.

He leaves behind a wife and young son. How many more Seans will die while the governments of the world continue to vilify, stall and outright block Cannabis research? I don't know if Cannabis contained curative compounds for Sean, or me, but how will we ever know if we don't end the prohibition of Cannabis science. Surely a more precise cannabinoid formula would give us more quality time. Stop saying there is no evidence. Here is just one recent paper

And here is a not so recent paper, from British Journal of Pharmacology, which exemplifies why I am so angry. Way back in 2006 it stated "Increasing evidence showed a direct "antitumor activity of cannabinoid agonists in a pleathora of tumour cells..." Concluding "Even if the use of cannabinoids in clinical practice needs further preclinical research, in order to confirm safety, efficacy, doses and administration protocols, the cannabinoids could provide unquestionable advantages compared to current antitumoral therapies" "The cannabinoid system represents a promising target for cancer treatment." 2006!!! And basically no science has happened in the US. 15 years of stalling and countless lives cut short.

Sean and I were twitter friends. We shared Cannabis dosing strategies, PubMed papers and clung to hope that science would find answers for us in time. Sean introduced me to Dr. Wai Liu, a cannabinoid Oncology researcher at St. George's, University of London, who had nice things to say about my movie.

Sean, I honor your memory by continuing to fight for full acceptance of Cannabinoid Oncology. I am an iconoclast. I am visionary. I am at the vanguard of a revolution that will see the endocannabinoid system harnessed for health. I am a warrior for science over stigma. I will continue to make "good trouble" in the spirit of John Lewis and fight this injustice as long as I am able. I will not be quiet until researchers have access to cannabinoids and can study unhindered by misguided, onerous and costly barriers. Get politics out of Science and Medicine! It is inhumane and negligent to delay unleashing the full power of the worlds scientists to cure and treat disease with Cannabinoid based medicine.

To that end I have just visited another friend, George Hodgin, who owns Biopharmaceutical Research Company, which provides the only DEA approved cannabis accessible to US scientists for research. His grow room has been sitting empty for 18 months as he waits on final approval from the DEA. We discussed how Schedule 1 and all the onerous regulations hinders research. Michael filmed our visit and will incorporate the new footage, re-edit the ending and release the film as soon as possible. Check back in about 2 months. Until then, please vote for science. My life depends on it. Oncology meds don't belong locked behind DEA vaults.

PS- Just heard about this survey project, which is collecting data from cancer patients whose tumors responded to Cannabis. Share this survey, it will speed research and treatments.

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