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Goodbye Cottage, Hello home

We are home.  I walked 1.5 miles this afternoon, in slow puttering adventures on our street.  I had a few farts, and am really looking forward to getting my gut going tomorrow.  My abdomen is very sore from the 5 incision holes and all the air they filled me up with to get a good look-see in the back recesses and caverns.  But pain meds are working and I hope for another good sleep.  

I am up for visitors, especially Saturday early evening and Sunday afternoon, as Bruce hopes to take a break from nursing duty and sing at the Quire of Voyces Concert.  If you're up for a short visit any time this weekend, send me an email with a time that works and we can coordinate.  No need to bring food -- I'm still on spinach shakes and Ensure.  

Thanks for all the well wishes.  We read all your lovely thoughts as I went into surgery and in recovery.  All the love warmed my soul, MK


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