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Happy Belated 420

And happy Mayday to our friends in Oxford. Miss you guys.

I didn't have my Oncologist visit last week, (new strict pandemic protocols) but I did have my blood draw. This is 5 months post-chemo. During my previous recurrence, my marker started increasing at 3 months. Remissions tend to get shorter, so without Cannabis I think my number would be increasing by now. My CA125 is 4.6. For those of you keeping close track that is a .4 increase in 6 weeks. Let's do some ludicrous maths. Assume I can keep that rate of growth consistent. There are 9 six-week testing periods per year. .4 x 9 is shy of a 4 point increase in a year. I reach the official recurrence threshold at 35. That is 7 years. That seems like forever. I am happy with that.

But it gets better. I was on basically the same daily regime during the previous 6 week period, with a 1.3 point increase. The difference, 3x day dosing. Dr. Bonnni's anecdotal data from her many cancer patients suggests dosing at 3x day gives better results than once a day. Basically keeping the medication levels in the blood more consistent throughout the day. My little tests have not contradicted that. If I'm going to do this for the long haul I need to find the minimum dosing to keep myself in remission, a very cautious balance of trial and error. Sure would be nice to have some randomized controlled trials! Maybe we should study this, oh yeah, Schedule 1.

I know this is ridiculous speculation. But all I have is preclinical data and my little N of 1 to work with. So I continue to study, read, question my assumptions, hypothesis, modify my dosing and hope I can figure this out. I'm doing science like my life depends on it. When I feel overwhelmed and need inspiration, I think about this guy. He is my new hero.

Are you stuck at home? Are you bored? How about a game of change the world? Here are some activities that help the medical cannabis movement and just might get research going to save my life.....

Become a member of NORML, and visit their Action Center for updates on various legislation. You could call your Governor, Senator, the AMA, a cancer research group.

Watch Schedule1 again. Or hit play and don't watch! Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, or email. Leaving a nice comment on the youtube video is also helpful.

Want some reading? Here is an excellent summary of the legal morass we are in with Cannabis research.

Still bored? How about a little quiz?

What year was Cannabis removed from the US pharmacopoeia, against the recommendation and lobbying of the American Medical Association? Answer.

At the turn of last century, when Cannabis was legal medicine, how often was it prescribed and for what?

What year was the first scientific paper showing the anti-tumour properties of Cannabis published? What year was the first epilepsy paper published?

Bonus points. Find a medical Dr and ask them about the Endocannabinoid system. If they don't know, enlighten them.

We celebrated 420 by working a colorful Cannabis puzzle. The perfect quarantine activity!

I know I am pushing boundaries. I know I am rocking the boat. I know I may be making Oncologists jobs harder, which is not my intention. I don't want to be in this position. I am just trying to save my life.

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02 de mai. de 2020

I loved the story about the guy found a way to treat his own extremely rare disease. There are other people like you in the world, saving yourself and helping others. It is so amazing.

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