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Kickstarter Declined

I received this Kickstarter letter an hour ago.  

September 18, 2019 PDT Hi Michelle, Thanks for sharing your project with us. We’ve given it a careful review, and unfortunately, we’re unable to approve it to launch. All projects on our site must fit into one of our 15 categories and abide by our rules, which we encourage you to reread: • • Drugs, nicotine, tobacco, vaporizers, CBD products and related paraphernalia are not allowed on Kickstarter. Here’s a comprehensive list of items prohibited by Kickstarter, so you can better understand the things to avoid: • If there’s another way to present this project that doesn't include offering an item prohibited on Kickstarter, please feel free to revise and resubmit. We’d be happy to take another look. We appreciate your understanding, Kickstarter Trust & Safety

To which I reply, if course, I have read the rules, multiple times!  I felt we were clearly within the guidelines.  I am not offering anything illegal.  I am making a movie about saving my life.  I am making a movie about the cutting edge of cannabinoid science.  I am making a movie about my tumor and its response to compounds in a plant.  But the Kickstarter guidelines are vague, maybe even the topic of Cannabis is prohibited?  Or was it that I offered visits to local Cannabis farms as a perk?  I will never really know because the Kickstarter denial was basically a form letter with no clear advice of what line we crossed.  The stigma against this plant runs deep, and this feels indicative of the battle I am up against to save my life.   

I am in a puddle of tears, deflated, exhausted, and so discouraged.  But tomorrow is a new day, I will regroup, review the guidelines and file an appeal.  We will proceed and launch soon, one way or another.  With or without the help of Kickstarter.  Since you can't see the trailer on Kickstarter here it is on the Schedule1movie website.  


your unsinkable cancer warrior and accidental medical cannabis activist


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