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Lucky Chemo 13?

What has happened to my life that chemo is so ordinary that I don't even tell anyone?  All these medical appointments have become my routine -- just go, sans hoopla, and get on with it.  So Thursday I started my new regime.  One the menu? Carboplatin.  But because I have reached my lifetime limit for Taxol, a new drug called Doxorubicin.  And as a special bonus, I get to go home with a bionic leech!  Because my body is worn down from 2 previous series of chemo I have a new friend -- Neulasta.  28 hours after chemo this lovely new appliance will give me a 45 minute infusion to boost my white blood count.   

All that went without incident and I thought I was in the clear.  But oh no, CINV (chemo-induced nausea and vomiting) hit with a vengeance.  I was throwing up all weekend.  After many doses of Ondansetron, Ativan, and THC, I finally got my tummy to settle just in time to keep me out of ER needing IV fluids.  Thank you, Angelo, for checking in on me.  I am hoping all this urping was a one-time event.  A huge thank you to Alex and Maria for bringing yummy food and getting me back to eating.  I am grateful.  

Before this chemo I had post-op appointments with Oncologist and Surgeon.  There were no surprises.  They removed 10 lymph nodes, 7 of which were cancerous.  Two from my pelvis and the rest in my upper abdomen, by my pancreas and my aortic lymph nodes.  And they took out my gallbladder.  Always trying to find a bright spot, I am glad that at least my pancreas was OK.  When I heard there were tumors adjacent to my pancreas I was dreading waking up a diabetic.  So, no matter how bad it looks there is always something to be grateful for. 

I have 5 more rounds of chemo, every 28 days, so the next infusion is July 9th. That's the news from here.  I am tired, but fighting on day by day with a goal of getting back into remission and having another year where I can live a life I want and not be a full-time cancer patient.  As long as there are good days ahead I will keep fighting.  

My next post will be a departure from medical stuff.  I am working on an interesting and ambitious project.  I hope I have the energy to tackle it.  I'll tell you all about it in a few weeks.  

hugs to all,



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