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Michelle is through surgery!

Hi everyone -- sorry for the delay in posting. Michelle finished surgery shortly after noon.  We are thrilled it was laparoscopic; recovery will be easier than for a large incision!  As you can see, she is already up and shuffling down the hallway.

Dr. Rodriguez and Conway were pleased with how the surgery went.  They took out 10 lymph nodes in total, 7 which were diseased.  Several were in her lower abdomen, some near her pancreas and gall bladder, with some small peripheral tumors nearby and some last remaining pieces of peritoneal lining with disease.  All the visible disease has been removed, hooray!

We look forward to learning what the pathologists discover, hoping the tumor carries a marker or mutation that will be useful for immunotherapy.  Chemo and or immunotherapy will start in a few weeks.  

Stay tuned.... Michelle thanks you for all the supportive comments, from four continents!  Keep them up!


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