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Michelle's Marijuana Miracle?!

I started yesterday at Hospice, having a more emotional than usual chat with my counselor, Ginny.  Bless her for holding space for a really good cry and purge of a huge pile of "anticipatory grief."  I was feeling fragile, mortal, and pessimistic.  Then I moseyed into Dr. Sekhon's office for a routine check-in.  Shocker, my CA marker fell from 37 to 22!  A 15 point drop, 40% reduction in 5 weeks. With all the anticipation of surgery, I had sort of forgotten this was the first blood check since going high dose.  The universe cracked open; my mind was zinging around.  What does this mean?  This reduction is as large as any I had during chemo.  But I'm not on chemo, I'm not even on Avastin.  I'm on high dose THC.  THC!  Since my last blood draw, I have gradually increased my daily THC dosage to about 60mg daily.  I am now convinced that THC has a dramatic effect on my cancer cells.  Dr. Sekhon was not quite speechless, but certainly amazed. Her words of wisdom -- "one data point does not make a trend"-- but we agreed on another blood test before surgery.  I will continue with my dosing and look forward to reporting back on my CA 125 on May 13 at my pre-op physical.  Surgery is set for May 15th.  Until then I will study up.  Does anybody know a pharmacologist with an interest in cannabis?  I feel like I was just plucked from my life into a Hollywood plot where I have to find a cure for my own cancer. Today anything feels possible, MK  

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