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Michelle's medical marijuana miracle movie

Thanks, Rosa and Peter, for a great visit and amazing dinner at Loquita.  Better food and almost as memorable as our high table dinner at Balliol College, Oxford 3 years ago.  And not 24 hours later, Donna came to visit and we had so much fun we forgot to take pictures. 


I am happy to report that after 4 days of terrible post-chemo nausea I perked right back up and for the past two weeks was feeling great.  Two down, four to go.  Working on the movie has buoyed me up with so much hope and purpose.   Aside from visitors, it's been all-cannabis all-the-time around here. 

We filmed 4 big scenes in the past 2 weeks.  We filmed me: giving a formal interview; walking in the largest grow in Carpinteria; juicing fresh canna leaves; and interviewing my neighbor Bill, a retired GP who first got me interested in medical cannabis.  Michael has been working very hard!  We hope to finish filming by Oct 1st, which leaves 6 weeks for editing to enter the SB Film Festival.  The topic is hot, the film is timely, and we are pushing to get it done.  And my role as an activist was launched by a moving two minute public comment at the SB County Board of Supervisors meeting, footage of which will be in the film.  And a letter to the editor in the SB "News Suppress."  This is something I NEVER thought I would champion, but here we are.  And I want to step up because I am a perfect person to break stereotypes, shatter preconceived ideas, and get the medical cannabis discussion back to science.  Because the science is clear- cannabis kills some types of cancer cells.   How can I be quiet?!  I wish I had known what I know now way back when I was diagnosed.  

In addition to the movies web page, I have created a Facebook, Twitter and Kickstarter page to promote the film.  Kickstarter will go live in early Sept with the fundraising launch of Sept 17th.  Just as important as a contribution is to follow, like, and share the film. So next time you are procrastinating: click, like, share and all that stuff.   To generate a following for the film I will be posting mostly to those sites in the coming months.  But if any important medical news occurs I will always post that here first.  


Michelle, the accidental medical cannabis activist  


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