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Reasons to be Thankful

Last month my CA 125 inched up to 18, while my CT scan showed No Evidence of Disease.

But today's CA marker rocketed to 107. I am back in recurrence. I am devastated. I was so hopeful that Cannabis was going to be my miracle. I know it shrank my tumor. The bench science proves it is not wishful thinking. But what is going on now? Are my cancer cells becoming resistant, as they do to other forms of chemo? Over the course of the past two years it seems like it's taking more and more Cannabis to stay in remission. Or am I missing a key molecule? Why do some metastatic patients manage to stay in remission but I can't? I just don't know. I am so desperate to be the hero of this story, with determination and science, pulling off a jaw dropping Hollywood ending. That narrative seems to be fading. How can I find contentment knowing that even if I can't save my life I have used my situation to help ignite a revolution. I hope the world won't forget. Terminal cancer patients, suffering epileptic children, Vets struggling with PTSD: we were begging the world for medication and science to improve our lives. Never forget that laws enacted for political expedience, against the advice of Physicians, blocked cannabis science for decades.

I am trying to find things to be thankful for.....

The National Cancer Institute is listening! They are hosting a 4 day virtual Cannabis and Cancer conference. Register here.

Multiple US states recently voted to allow medical and adult use Cannabis.

The House has scheduled a floor vote for the MORE act!

And the WHO is discussing de-scheduling. There is no stopping this revolution.

Resources I have been wanting to share:

The International Association of Cannabinoid Medicine is hosing a virtual conference. Lectures are available until March for free. They also have a database of Cannabinoid science that is easier to search than PubMed.

Finally, I gave another interview, with Anuj Desai from Cannabis Conversations.

Take a listen and share.

I really have no idea where I go from here, more chemo, a PARB inhibitor? I will talk with Dr. Bonni and I will make a plan when I see my new oncologist on Thursday.

Making Pie! Thanksgiving lunch- spinach salad w/homegrown persimmons. Stacking wood, in hopes of a wet winter.

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