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Support soup delivery for cancer patients

Thank you everyone for the numerous and varied offers of support this past month.  I have an easy way you can make a positive difference in my daily life during these 4 months of chemo.  Consider making a donation to the Organic Soup Kitchen.  They have approved my application for soup delivery and I am so grateful!  Having meals delivered to our home is a twofold blessing.  I can minimize my shopping and thus exposure to germs during flu season and I get nutritious and well balanced meals that I don't have the energy to cook myself!    Use this link to Donate to the Organic Soup Kitchen.  Be sure to put my name in the "in honor of" box.  Thanks everybody! 

In other news, I am just tired.  And my hair is falling out already.  This first round of chemo hit me harder than last time.  I don't feel bad, just really tired.  hugs to you all, Michelle 

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