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surgery! date TBD

Bruce and I met with Dr. Rodrigues, who I can now officially call my new Gyn-Onc surgeon.  We had a comprehensive visit, discussing my medical history and the details of a second debulking surgery.  We do not have a surgery date yet because she is coordinating with Dr. Conway, who will be scrubbing in and going after the "hot" lymph node adjacent to my pancreas.  I am relieved that they hope the procedure could be laparoscopic.  No promises; everything could change when they get in there, but I am hopeful.  As much as I want a debulking surgery I hope it will be easier than the first go around.  Mom, no peeking.  I was looking at this post-op picture, trying to get psyched up.  If I navigated my way through a 52 staple incision surely I can manage a little laparoscopic surgery. I could be in hospital only 2 days -- I can do this!  But then there is more chemo/immunotherapy.  It's a long long row to hoe.  We meet with Dr. Sekhon again next week, where we will likely get more details on the drug regime she has planned for after surgery.  The goal is to hopefully get me back into a good solid year-long remission.  We will keep fighting on and finding joy in today.  

Thank you, as always, for love and support.  I promise to keep posting news so you don't need to ask.  


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