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Third Times the Charm!

On Tuesday afternoon we meet with my oncologist, Dr. Sekhon.  The expected was confirmed; I am in recurrence.  My CA 125 marker crept up another 3 points, to 37.  The PET scan showed only one tumor, near my pancreas.  You know you're in a bad way when that sounds like good news, but it did.  One tumor is better than last time when I was husbanding a small flock of them.  The Avastin infusions likely deserve credit for limiting the cell's ability to form tumors.  Glad that $16,000 drug was doing something!  Dr. S wanted more imaging, so Wednesday morning I was in the MRI tube.  By Wednesday afternoon my PA called with those results.  It looks like I am a candidate for surgery and radiation, which is atypical for recurrent OC patients.  I am pleased to have treatment choices; it helps disperse the burden on my body.  I know surgery is hard, I am guessing radiation is hard, but they are hard in different ways than chemo.  I am hoping for surgery because data suggests a second debulking offers 18 months longer progression-free survival.  Another new strategy I'm pushing for is heated intraperitoneal chemo.  I have read it's very toxic and a tough go, but it improves disease-free progression.  I am all in -- we are fighting back!  

Now for an update on recent fun.  It has been a glorious spring!   We enjoyed a 3-day trip to Santa Cruz Island for the Audubon Christmas bird count.  Thank you, Jessie, for organizing, and for the trip to Pixley National Wildlife Refuge, where we saw several thousand sand hill cranes.  Thank you, Laura and Michael, for the amazing day at Hollister Ranch.  Thanks, Terry and Randy, for the quick visit and Riviera walk.  Thanks to Helena for painting lessons and help with errands.  Thanks, Alex, for walks with Ginger.  Thanks, Chris, for fixing my broken irrigation system!  Thanks to Ken for the thoughtful gift of an avocado tree, complete with planting services!  And thanks, Jane and Fukiko, for the lovely series of Japanese cooking classes and dinner.  And to everyone else I am forgetting right now.  I feel loved and supported.  I appreciate all the large and small gestures of kindness that have come my way.  

Tomorrow is spring break, and you know what that means -- travel.  We are off to Hawaii.  Home April 8th to a week of Drs appointments.  We should have a Porlock battle plan in place by April 11th and I will post news then.  I look forward to seeing lots of you for game nights, walks, and other fun stuff as I am able.    Hugs to all,    MK  


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