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To be or not Doobie

Unfortunately the internal bile stint didn't work. I went back to UCLA 2 weeks ago for an external bile drain, which should have been more effective. Unfortunately the bile just doesn't want to come out, and I'm turning into a yellow Oompa Loompa.

Every day has been a question of, "To be, or not to be?"

The pain has become unmanageable, I have a fever from an infection in my liver, There is no room in my abdomen for food or water to sustain me. There are no more treatment options. So the unfortunate conclusion I reached last weekend is that it is time to say goodbye to this beautiful world.

I'm so grateful that in California we have End of Life Act, which allows me to choose the time when I let go of life. Here I go again breaking down stereotypes and barriers and stigmas!

Before I go I want to express how grateful I am to all of you, friends near and far, new and old, for traveling with me on this journey. I'm also so grateful to the endless compassion of my infusion team at Ridley Tree.

In a few weeks, the big scientific mystery paper I've been hinting at will be available on PubMed. It's quite a story, a dying girl does all she can to save her own life, doing research in another county, because she can't do the research in the U.S. Watch this space for an announcement and link, and send it to to every oncologist and physician you know, whether they are interested or not!

My dying wish is that you work together to advance cannabis science and fight the stigma and legal barriers to cannabis medicine. It's time to launch a new field, cannabinoid oncology!

Farewell everyone. I carry you all in my heart.


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