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An Unexpected veer into ER, admission

Greetings from my hospital bed at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital's Oncology ward. I did not expect to be here, but 2 days of fever and intense abdominal pain and bloating, here I am. In an hour I undergo a procedure called Paracentesis, to drain the malignant ascites, the fluid cancer makes, from my abdomen. Some ascites can become infected, and this is the best hypothesis to explain my symptoms of sever discomfort. I don't have much fluid, so it will be tricky, but hopefully they can recover some, culture it, and will will know the best antibiotic to treat it.

15 min. later.....Back in my room. Boo hoo, I didn't not have enough fluid to drain. We are back to square one. Why is my abdomen do bloated, it is a bit of a mystery. Not sure where we go from here, more tests, another night in Hospital? My fever is down, which is great, but a diagnosis remains illusive. The tumors implanting in my abdominal wall are causing trouble, and it seems not much can be done. This is the life of end stage cancer patient, a treadmill of symptoms, trying to keep life livable as long as possible. My dad is coming by at 12:30 for a visit. And Bruce brought the National Geographic travel catalogue to perk me up. I doubt I will ever be well enough to take a Nat Geo trip again. The life I want is slipping away.

I'll post again, with an update.

Easter Sunday, 1:30 pm, We are heading home in few minutes. We leave with few answers or solutions. The metastasis in my abdomen are causing irritation and bloating. It is not easy to treat, not much can be done, mostly over the counter meds to manage symptoms. So I might as well be miserable at home than be miserable in a $10,000 a day! hospital bed.

Bruce and I have both received lovely messages offering groceries, visits, etc. Michelle is very tired and does not want visitors yet. The most impactful way to help, as I have say over and over again in every blog post, is activism. write to Sen Schumer, Sen Wyland and Sen Cory Booker, who keep taunting us, with impending introduce of Federal Cannabis legislation into the Senate. I need this, more than anything, to keep myself alive, LEGAL CANNABINOID SCIENCE. So I can figure out what molecule shrank my tumor and just might extend or save my life. Write to VP Kamala & Pres. Joe at the official White House page. I have written 5 times, and still he has not called me! I will keep writing until he does, or until I'm dead! Joe, you keep claiming you want science to lead policy. I have a 1,000 or so Pub Med papers you need to read to get up to speed on the groundbreaking field of Cannabinoid Oncology.

If you want to join NORML, they offer weekly action alert emails that give lots of items to move these policies forward. Take 5 minutes and do some of quick action these.....

Go forth, citizens, do democracy, make change!

Even though I am basically never hungry, one thing I will miss is at SBCH picking up the phone and ordering meals and snacks. Cottage is a lovely hospital. All the staff, physicians, nurses have been just fantastic. I am fortunate this excellent resources is so close to our house.

hugs to all, now go write a letter to the President or a Senator!

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