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World Ovarian Cancer Day and National Cancer Research month

What is the best way to "celebrate?" Demand research! I will not be quiet, my life depends on it. The endocannabinoid system is a novel target for cancer and DEA is stonewalling research. I appreciate everyone who shines light on this issue in whatever capacity they can. So today I honor and thank our young friend Kaia. She was given a school assignment: choose a social justice issue and create a newspaper article.

Kaia, knowing my story, decided it was a compelling issue. Kaia and her classmate, Julia, created a mock Newspaper and gave a presentation to her class. This gives me hope. This is what change looks like.

Speaking of periodicals, I was interviewed by Cannigma, a Cannabis magazine. Later this week I will be on local TV station KEYT. I continue to work every day, thinking through every angle, to increase my odds against this cancer. A few easy ways for you to help are listed in my last blog post. Let us bend that long arch toward justice!



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