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Yay for being normal

My bloodwork is normal!  I have made it one year post chemo -- four more years to go and I got this monster beat!  This weekend we celebrated my 18 month post surgery "re-birthday."  I look forward to the time when these milestones slip by unnoticed.  After a brief landing at home, I am off to Breckenridge to see my parents.  Bruce, my hero, is back at UCSB working away.  Here is a link to our condensed summer slideshow.  It's my first time using Lightroom.  I wanted to make breaks between countries and write captions -- but I don't have time.  Frustratingly, the pictures are displaying in reverse order, i.e., our last stop, Iceland, is at the top.  If you refer to the May 26th post for a map and itinerary you can think of it as a Geography quiz.   Best Of Summer 2017

Hugs to all, MK  

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