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Cannabinoid Science Roundup

Before I dive into the latest peer reviewed literature, I'll mention some canna business news. GW pharmaceuticals, the UK medical cannabis pioneer that brought the first Canna drug through FDA approval, was recently sold to Jazz Pharma of Ireland for 7 BILLION dollars! If that doesn't speak to the potential of the EndoCannabinoid System and Cannabinoid based medicines I don't know what does. And the groundbreaking Israeli company Cannabics, has finished their mouse model trials and is preparing for the first step in the FDA approval process. This will be the first Canna based oncology agent ever

approved. It is a huge step! I only wish my friend Sean was alive to see it and benefit.

The research, mostly from outside the US, keeps pouring in. 3,500 studies were published in 2020, bringing the total publications since 2010 to 23,000! Most available in Google Scholar or for free! A tiny taste of the amazingly diverse non cancer science....

Fibromyalgia Pain Study

Parkinsons symptom treatment

Tourette Syndrome treatment

Viral diseases

GI diseases

Novel class of anti microbial agents

ESC in Dravet Epilepsy

Management of cytokine storm with Cannabinoids

Inflammasome signaling

Sleep disorders

Slowing progression of ALS


It's a ridiculously broad list that wanders across so many medical disciplines. It only makes sense when you fully understand how the ESC drives so much of our physiology.

Now for some 2020 cancer studies,

Anti proliferative and cytotoxic effects of CBD

CBG in Glioblastoma, including cancer stem cells!

CBD as novel regulator of ID-1 expression

CBD as anti cancer agent

CBG as novel agent for Glioblastoma

Anti Cancer Potential

ECS and Immunity


Anticancer activity

Pro-apoptosis effects

ESC and Gyn Cancers

Review of Cannabis and CNS tumors

Methods of Action Review

ESC in Gyn tissues

and, cause its easier to do Vet studies, dogs!

Blog post from 1 year ago with relevant papers from 2015-12019

Despite all this science most Republicans are still blocking legislation needed to legalize and remove barriers to Cannabis research. Cancer treatments shouldn't be political. But when a political party lies about Cannabis for decades, they must either believe the lies, or the reason for the lie is more important than scientific integrity. Good public policy must be based on reality, whether that's Covid, climate, or Cannabis. The solutions won't effectively solve the problems if data is misrepresented. Oh the irony, in 1970 Congress passed the Controlled Substances act, effectively blocking all research into what we now know are novel targets for cancer. A decision that was not based on science but for political gain. Just a year later Nixon signed the National Cancer Act in 1971 which created a national policy for cancer research. Lying about data lead to this cluster** that may end up killing me.

Here are search results from Take a look at how many bills have been proposed. For years, for decades, but have not gone anywhere. Blocked, stalled and derailed by our puritanical and scientifically illiterate Congress. NOW is the time, with a razor thin Democratic majority in Congress, to fix this mess. Sen. Schumer, Booker and Wyden are working on a Bill to bring it to the Senate floor in 2021. Please take 5 minutes and....

Sign a Petition

Write to the President,

Write to your Senators

Write to the National Cancer Institute.

Demand that Cannabis science be legalized and all barriers to research be removed.

Demand funding for Cannabinoid research and trials at NCI. If I have any chance of saving or extending my life I need legal Cannabis research as soon as possible.

My pain and discomfort are getting worse by the day. I have pain radiating all around my upper diaphragm, and sporadic sharp localized areas under my ribs. I am bloated, struggling to eat, struggling to stay hydrated. In an hour I head to my first palliative care appointment to meet my new physician who specializes in end stage cancer pain. That is a hard threshold to cross, but I am reluctantly here.

I know I promised my "illegal guinea pig" data, but was feeling too poorly to work on that data. But I will. In the next blog post I will also share my exciting results from the SEngine testing and the CARIS testing that will be finalized next week. Those results will allow Dr. W to choose my next line of chemo and targeted agents. I have never felt so desperate for treatment, I need chemo and I need it now. But I have to hold on a bit longer for test results to come in.


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